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Enjoy the personalized care

that a midwife provides.

Prenatal, birth, postpartum and newborn midwifery care available for those living in

East-Central Illinois.

Midwife explaining birth process to pregnant women during antenatal class with anatomic mo

Prepare for your best birth! Learn about the various stages of pregnancy, basic prenatal self-care considerations, labor, and delivery. Learn how to build a birth plan that's right for you, and how to work through labor. This birth class is appropriate for hospital, birth center, and homebirth settings.

Mother Baby Bonding

Receive the lactation support you need.​ Prepare for and achieve the best breastfeeding experience possible with the help of a lactation support specialist. Care is available through all stages of pregnancy and postpartum. 

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Experience a holistic approach to wellness. Natural health solutions will help you live your best life. Customized supplement recommendations, based on your specific needs and desires, will be provided. My goal is to help you achieve optimal health.

Available for all ages and stages.


"Our homebirth experience (2nd baby) was so different from our hospital birth. I was in my own environment, and got to do what I wanted. I'm especially glad I could choose different positions for labor and pushing."

"I'm glad for all you did to help us, and especially that you told me what to expect postpartum, so I would not be surprised about the things I was experiencing."

"Before I took your birth class, I was scared about what labor would be like. Now I feel more prepared, and can look forward to my birth."

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